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Homeschool Toddler: First Semester

It’s back to school time for my son, who just turned 16 months (or he’s almost 1½ for non-Moms). While Monday would have been a good  day to start, I figured officially starting our Homeschooling lessons on the first of the month would be better— time-management wise. Read More →

Why Black Breastfeeding Week is So Important

Initially, when I stumbled upon Black Breastfeeding Week last year my first thought was “why does it have to Black“— then I read the purpose of the movement and it changed my entire mindset!

Did you know that within the African American community, we have the lowest percentage of nursing mothers and the highest infant mortality rate?

Black Breastfeeding Week 2015
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DIY Chic Kimono Breastfeeding Top

I seriously miss wearing cute tops that don’t give instant access to my boobs. Seriously. Sure, I’ve tried double layering and going against my camisole norm, for the sake of my style, but an irate toddler and unsnapping a nursing bra just don’t mix. Thus, my closet is filled with camis of every color and I needed a solution.

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Mommy Time is Important!

If you asked me now what my favorite TV show is — Bubble Guppies. Favorite place to go? Playground ( or Storytime if it’s raining). Favorite snack? Baby Mum-Mum crackers. And I’m sure any new mom can relate, but those definitely weren’t my answers 15 months ago. My life is now consumed by my child and it’s a beautiful thing but should that define who I am?
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