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Naturally Sweet Almond Milk

I am all for avoiding sugar so when I discovered how to make homemade almond milk that was naturally sweet I was so excited!

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Million Dollar Playground Experience

We visited the newly renovated $1.2 Million playground in our area. It’s amazing what a million dollars will get you!


My Toddler Can Feed Himself!

My son never ceases to amaze me! I rarely give him utensils to eat with, instead we opt for finger foods, but things might be changing. This weekend while we were out at Chiptole, he picked up a fork and proceeded to stab some chicken and put it in his mouth. He did this on more than one occasion without my help or guidance! Talk about baby led weaning! So for dinner last night I gave him a fork and watched what would happen….

Ferber / Extinction Method: Week 1 Update

My toddler is sleeping through the night! At least 10 hours straight, for a whole week now, and it’s been amazing but it was rough getting here.

You recall how Night 1 of the Ferber / Extinction Cry It Out method went, right?! That was nothing compared to what followed:

Night 1: Took 1 hour of crying to fall asleep and was falling asleep standing up so Dad had to lay him down. Cried himself to sleep. Slept 8 hours straight.

Night 2: Fell asleep within 10 minutes, holding my hand after first check. Slept 5 hours then a major thunderstorm came and woke him up at 1am and I brought him back into our bed. HUGE MISTAKE. But he slept for 6 more hours. Read More →