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Why Black Breastfeeding Week is So Important

Initially, when I stumbled upon Black Breastfeeding Week last year my first thought was “why does it have to Black“— then I read the purpose of the movement and it changed my entire mindset!

Did you know that within the African American community, we have the lowest percentage of nursing mothers and the highest infant mortality rate?

Black Breastfeeding Week 2015
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Breastfeeding in Public: It’s Perfectly Normal!

A few days ago, I received some words of encouragement from a total stranger for breastfeeding my son in public and I want to pay it forward and offer support and encouragement to all the lactating moms!

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Breastfeeding: What It’s Like at 13 Months

These are a few pros & cons in my breastfeeding journey at 13 months:

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Breastfeeding When Baby Has Teeth

A look at what breastfeeding is like when your baby has teeth. Currently Felix has 6 teeth!