Ferber / Extinction Method: Week 1 Update

My toddler is sleeping through the night! At least 10 hours straight, for a whole week now, and it’s been amazing but it was rough getting here.

You recall how Night 1 of the Ferber / Extinction Cry It Out method went, right?! That was nothing compared to what followed:

Night 1: Took 1 hour of crying to fall asleep and was falling asleep standing up so Dad had to lay him down. Cried himself to sleep. Slept 8 hours straight.

Night 2: Fell asleep within 10 minutes, holding my hand after first check. Slept 5 hours then a major thunderstorm came and woke him up at 1am and I brought him back into our bed. HUGE MISTAKE. But he slept for 6 more hours.

Night 3: I put him in the crib at ~8pm and he fussed a little, but no crying and was sleep within 3 minutes. I have went in for a check because he wasn’t crying. At 10pm he stood up at the crib screaming. We were suppose to be doing extinction but after 20 minutes Dad went in to lay him down and tell him go to sleep. BAD IDEA. He screamed harder and louder. 15 minutes later I went in and rocked him (no nursing) to drowsy state because I could tell he was tired and tried to lay him the crib. He screamed bloody murder and wanted to be picked up again. It was hard but I decided to resort to extinction and left. 1.5 hours later he finally stopped crying and let go of the crib and fell asleep for 5 hours.

He cried for 2.5 hours that night 3, the longest he’s ever cried in his life, and it broke my heart but that’s when sleep training clicked for him. I largely believe it was my fault because I brought him back into our bed and confused him. I also learned that extinction would be best for him during middle of the night wakings and I should stick to my plan.  Also to help soothe him during the night and make his crib a calm space, I rubbed a drop of lavender essential oil on his wonder bumpers, mattress and lovey.

Night 4: He slept for 11 hours, had 2 middle of the night wakings — first time he cried out for 2 minutes and the second he stood up and cried for 30 minutes then laid down and went to sleep.

Night 5 & 6: He slept for at least 10 hours with, 1 middle of the night waking that lasted no more than 10 minutes and he’d lay down and go back to sleep.

Night 7 – present (Night 16): He sleeps at least 10 hours and doesn’t wake in the middle of the night.

If you’re thinking of sleep training, I say go for it! It was so worth it! I enjoy having my nights to be creative, spend time with my husband, or go out for some me time. I will say that a consistent bedtime routine and the lavender oil were essential to getting where we are thus far!

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