Homeschool Toddler: First Semester

It’s back to school time for my son, who just turned 16 months (or he’s almost 1½ for non-Moms). While Monday would have been a good  day to start, I figured officially starting our Homeschooling lessons on the first of the month would be better— time-management wise.

Thankfully, we’re not completely starting from scratch, I’ve had the “Teach My Baby” set for several months and we occasionally have “lessons” from the kit. However, if you’ve seen any of my Family Vlogs, you know Felix isn’t one to stay still for long— what toddler is?! However, from our lessons, lots of story time, elimination communication, and countless repetition Felix can correctly identify parts of himself — hair, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, stomach, privates, knees, toes, and feet; can identify objects on command; uses the potty when he’s given the chance; and makes it very clear when there’s a truck, car, plane, or when he wants his “mama”. I’m so proud of my little guy− it’s hard to believe this time last year he was barely holding his head up.

Over the past few weeks, I have developed a toddler lesson plan for this month that includes our objectives, areas of focus, and assessment sheets. After telling my Mom about my plan to homeschool she recommended that I share it with the whole family so that they can also reinforce the same lessons as well. Brilliant!  I just clicked “Save as PDF” on my September lesson plan to send out to the family and I’m really excited to start our journey in Homeschooling!

Do you have learning time with your toddler? What are some activities that you do?

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