Mommy Time is Important!

If you asked me now what my favorite TV show is — Bubble Guppies. Favorite place to go? Playground ( or Storytime if it’s raining). Favorite snack? Baby Mum-Mum crackers. And I’m sure any new mom can relate, but those definitely weren’t my answers 15 months ago. My life is now consumed by my child and it’s a beautiful thing but should that define who I am?

The only times I’m reminded of my favorite (pre-motherhood) things are during date night with Hubby or on girls night with my friends that don’t have children. Although, my Hubby is constantly saying that I need to get back to things I did before our son, I haven’t found that balance yet. It is especially hard as a Stay at Home Mom because there are no days off.
Recently during a group chat with my Mommy Mafia, I was reminded that I need to be more self indulgent. We as mothers need to celebrate ourselves outside of motherhood. Girl! I needed that message.

So this past Saturday, I took the time to indulge in myself. I was baby free and my Hubby had plans, so it was just me not worrying about outlet covers, dirty diapers or naptime. I filled my living room with some of my favorite neo-soul albums, put on some makeup and a nice outfit (to just be in the house) and did what I wanted to do; plus some things I needed to do. And it felt great! I even had a mini-photoshoot, because why not, right?!


Mommy time — alone with no child(ren) or significant other — is important! I am thankful to have family and friends to remind me of this constantly because otherwise I think I’d lose myself in motherhood. In case you haven’t taken the time lately to indulge in yourself, consider this your gentle reminder because Mommy Time is important!

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