Night 1 of CIO Sleep Training

The time has come… Our son is 14 months old and Dad says its about time for him to sleep through the night, in his crib, and fall asleep on his own. Prior to today, our son has been waking up in the middle of the night and screaming, nursing 2-3 times a night, has only slept through the night a handful of times, and I bring him into our bed so I can get more sleep.

While I don’t mind the cuddles and nursing our son throughout the night, I do miss having free time at night, stretching out across the bed, and I do want my baby to have the very important skill of falling asleep independently. With that said, it was time for me to bite the bullet and let Felix learn to fall asleep on his own.

We tried to do a “gentle” sleep training method when he was 12 months, and after about 2 weeks of things going well, he got an ear infection and we slipped back into our old ways. So this time we decided to do it for real and just “rip the bandaid completely off.” The feedback I received from other moms was that if you put them in the crib and walk away they will eventually wear themselves out and fall asleep and by the end of the week will be sleeping through the night… Sounds easier than it is. Well, this was night 1 of sleep training….

750pm – Put in crib
757 – I went in, laid down and told to go to sleep
827 – falling asleep standing up
838 – Dad laid him down, stoop back up
904 – Dad laid him down, quiet…
505am – Awake… nursed & fell asleep in rocking chair
639 – Put in crib
741 – Dad caught me slipping…sleeping in crib with Felix (smh!)
800 – Felix awake for the day

The good news is he slept through the night, the not so good news is that I have to do it again tonight…


  1. I am trying to sleep train my son right now . He is 4 months and while he still sleeps in the room with me an d my husband he does sleep in his nap crib.
    My issue is night feeding because I nurse while laying because it’s just better and more comfortable but I admit that I’ve fallen a sleep more than a few times and forgot to put him back in his own bed.

    It’s getting better and I honestly think we both get better rest when we sleep a part.

    I hope one day he will sleep thru the night but at 4 months I don’t see it right now

    • This sounds like my life at 4 months, although my son was always in our bed, even for naps. Do you have Facebook? If so join the “Respectful Sleep Training” group, the ladies and sleep coaches in there are amazing and really helpful.

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