Oil Cleansing Method: First Impressions

Using oil to clean my face. That is the purpose of “Oil Cleansing”. Does it work?— The jury is still out on that one.

How Did I Learn About Oil Cleansing

I vaguely remember reading about oil cleansing when I tried oil pulling a few years ago. I think I watched a HeyFranHey video about it and how much she loved it but I never became a believer. Recently, I stumbled upon a post on a friend’s blog about how much she loved oil cleansing and decided I’d give it a try too. I did a little more research to find out what oil I would try first. A good resource was the oil cleansing method website.

What I Used for Oil Cleansing

I decided to go with Sunflower Oil because I’m prone to oily skin and the article I read made it sound very luxurious. I also used a baby washcloth to cover my face and wipe off the oil. I think that baby washcloths are lighter, softer and better face washing clothes than the rough ones they sell to adults.

First Impressions of Oil Cleansing

My face was definitely soft and smooth after I got out of the shower…and slightly oily. It wasn’t too oily but I could tell I had put oil on my face. My first day I wore a tinted moisturizer and I was curious to see if it would remove it; because oil also doubles a makeup remover. I must say it did a pretty good job at removing most of the makeup but there was some residual stuff leftover. Which led me to think I should probably do a Bentonite Clay facial to kick off my holistic facial regimen and let my face know I will not be using anymore harsh cleansers on it. I’m excited to see how my face/skin looks in a few weeks after this transition period. During the transition period, it is normal to break out more as your skin learns to regulate its sebum production.

Here is my before / starting picture:

Jojo before Oil Cleansing

Grab a bottle of organic Sunflower Oil from my Amazon shop for less than $10 and start oil cleansing with me! Did I mention this bottle will last at least 6 months?! No more $12 facial cleanser for me every month!!

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