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DIY Chic Kimono Breastfeeding Top

I seriously miss wearing cute tops that don’t give instant access to my boobs. Seriously. Sure, I’ve tried double layering and going against my camisole norm, for the sake of my style, but an irate toddler and unsnapping a nursing bra just don’t mix. Thus, my closet is filled with camis of every color and I needed a solution.

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Adventures with Mac Mini

Yesterday was pretty productive (despite not completing everything on my to do list) and I accomplished a few things I’ve been off for weeks. I was able to give myself a manicure, take a few of my lectures in my online training class, and upgrade the RAM in my Mac Mini. Yes, I’m girly but also a total nerd, lol.
While listening to my lectures on Udemy, I gave myself a complete manicure. You can check out my new nail polish and attempt at hand modeling [HERE]. After lecture and my manicure, I figured I should upgrade the RAM in my Mac Mini (Mid 2010) because it was supposedly extremely easy….

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My Latest DIY Threads

I have fallen in love with my Sewing Machine and I swear everything I see a nice outfit I think “I could make that!” And recently I have started to make a few items for myself, with my first creation being a multi-colored skirt for an event in Richmond, VA…

I made this skirt without a pattern and it was definitely a learning experience. I used about a yard and a half of fabric and made the skirt straight with an elastic waist band.

I thought the skirt was cute and I got numerous compliments, but I quickly learned (sadly at the event) that a straight skirt with no slits or asymmetry was hard to walk in. So onto my next project, I decided to make an asymmetric skirt. Unfortunately though, I didnt have enough fabric to achieve that look, so I went with side slits… 
This skirt was a lot easier to walk in and very comfortable! Of course I was excited for my next project and with an event coming up in DC I decided to create an asymmetric dress. 
I made this dress the day of the event and added black lace into the slits for a “dramatic” look and a wider flare. Again, I didn’t use a pattern and it was a learning experience with pinning because at first I had it pinned without the lace showing, smh. But after I figured out my error with quickly became my favorite creation! 
Next up, working with my Sister and her clothing line, Cutwork, we came up with a few Bandeau designs. This was one that I created… 
Although it ended up being a little too small I am working on perfecting these bad boys because they’re super easy to create and would look great in the Fall with a high-waisted skirt & blazer! 

Learning To Sew

A few weeks ago, I attended my very first Sewing Class at a Studio in DC. The class was free and what I was able to take away from it was priceless. 

That is final result of my first ever sewing project using a Sewing Machine; a lined drawstring pouch. In a few hours, I was able to create a lining, a drawstring hole, learn 4 different stitch patterns, and completely finish the bag.

I was so excited about my new-found skills, that I went and ambitiously created a Shoulder Bag. I didn’t use a pattern, just lots of imagination and fabric, LOL. It took me almost all evening, but I create a Camouflage Bag with Black lining inside, a large inside pocket, Zipper Closure, and a Studded Strap. **Big Smile** 
I was so proud of my bag and even more ecstatic that it was functional and I was able to carry my Macbook Air, wallet, phone, and cosmetics in it without it ripping a seam! I’m already looking for fabric for my next project…