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Ferber / Extinction Method: Week 1 Update

My toddler is sleeping through the night! At least 10 hours straight, for a whole week now, and it’s been amazing but it was rough getting here.

You recall how Night 1 of the Ferber / Extinction Cry It Out method went, right?! That was nothing compared to what followed:

Night 1: Took 1 hour of crying to fall asleep and was falling asleep standing up so Dad had to lay him down. Cried himself to sleep. Slept 8 hours straight.

Night 2: Fell asleep within 10 minutes, holding my hand after first check. Slept 5 hours then a major thunderstorm came and woke him up at 1am and I brought him back into our bed. HUGE MISTAKE. But he slept for 6 more hours. Read More →