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Naturally Sweet Almond Milk

I am all for avoiding sugar so when I discovered how to make homemade almond milk that was naturally sweet I was so excited!

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Healthy Alternative to Cow Milk for Baby

Flaxseed milk is a healthier and safe alternative to cow’s milk for babies and toddlers after breastfeeding or beyond 1 year with breastfeeding. Flaxseed milk contains essential fatty acids for human health and calcium, and is free from most food allergens.

We use the unsweetened Karma brand of Flaxseed Milk and I think its way better than Almond Milk!

xmas brunch, dinner & a gingerbread tree!

On Christmas Day, we had brunch with my family and dinner with TB’s family and both were grand experiences! 

Brunch started off with some of the best tasting meatballs I’ve EVER had! Literally, between TB & I there were only about 7 meatballs left by the time all the food was ready, LOL! I’ve been harassing my mom for the recipe ever since…
We also had Mimosa’s and a hearty brunch of yams, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon [for me, pork for the others] , more meatballs, and a veggie omelet…
We definitely took a nap after this meal, then went onto the next meal, dinner at Mama TB’s.
We had Yam Cupcakes with Marshmallow Tops, Seafood Étoufée, Spanish Casserole, and Quail. Yes, Quail! And it was sooo amazing! For dessert, I had Apple Cobbler & Vanilla Ice Cream…
After dinner, TB & I attempted to create a tree out of gingerbread cookies. We had a lot of fun putting the tree together…
I added the colored candies! 
Then, we made the Green icing…and let’s just say, I’m not that good a decorating a tree with runny icing, LOL…

Back from Londontown!

My boyfriend and I took a weekend trip to London the 1st of December to check out the city and hang out with his best friend; it was amazing! The city of London has an old antique feel, but at the same time still reminded me of DC. 
And as soon as I stepped off the Express Train at Paddington Station, I immediately felt like I was traveling to Hogwarts! LOL! 
We met up with TB’s best friend and got a tour of the Spotify London office, which was really cool! There were Macbook’s everywhere as well as very inspirational quotes on the walls from influential artists. I also got to catch a Ping Pong match being held in the break room [oh the joy of working at a startup]! 
The food and drinks in London were so delicious!! We were on a mission to get the known “London Dish” of Fish n’ Chips, at least up until the 2nd day. Then, we had a cab ride with an Englishman that informed us that “nobody eats Fish n’ Chips, its more like Fish n’ Curry”, and after trying both I definitely see why! Fish n’ Curry is really, really good & a combination I don’t think I would have ever thought to try; which is probably why I ordered Fish n’ Onion Rings… 
I didn’t do as much drinking as the guys, but when I did have a drink in the Pup, I went with Cider. This particular Winder Cider made by a Sweden company and flavored with Apple-Cinnamon & Vanilla was my favorite! 
We also had Tapas at the Wacha restaurant and every piece of food they brought to the table was eaten in seconds! And their margarita was probably the best one I’ve ever had in my entire life! mmMmm! 
Dinner was also just as exquisite. One night, we had Chicken Paillard and a zesty salad from Automat. 
While we were there, we didn’t get a chance to visit too many “tourist” spots, but we did have some great experiences! By far my most memorable experience was in the Ice Bar.
We also got a chance to hang out at the Music Hack Day, which basically was 30+ Developers locked in a Conference Hall for 24 hours trying to buildmusic apps using APIs for companies like Spotify, Echonest, and TB learned how to do a little coding as well; that warmed my heart! 
The rest of the time was spent out on the town. Hoping from Pups, checking out different lounges, and enjoying the city around us! I was also really excited that I got to wear my new Wedges and the Cowl that I made right before the trip! 
It was really nice spending the first weekend in December in London and I definitely want to go back in the near future! Check out the rest of the pictures from the trip [HERE].