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Delicious Cinnamon Apple Snack

I randomly picked a bag of these up at the grocery store and to my surprise they are extraordinarily delicious! They make a great “anytime snack”  and they’re also the perfect touch to a Winter Cocktail

Healthy Meals I Spotted!

I found these delicious looking meals on Chescaleigh’s Facebook page [HERE] and I’ve got to try them!

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Early Morning Winter Cocktail!

A delicious drink that I’ve enjoyed all weekend! 

Cup of Nestle Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate 
A shot of Gingerbread Latte Creamer
Topped with Jumbo Marshmallows
Covered in Alcohol Infused Caramel Whipped Cream
Enjoyed with Apple Cinnamon Sticks 
The Winter Cocktail is so yummy & it warms you from the inside-out! Enjoy!

Crêpes For Lunch!

I went out to lunch with TB last week and he treated us to some Crêpes, which are really thin pancakes filled with heavenly goodness! This was an amazing experience…

We couldn’t decide if we wanted a sweet crêpe or a savory lunchtime crêpe, so in true TBnJojo fashion, we decided to get one of each and split it! Best decision ever! 

We got the Dhaba Savory lunchtime crêpe which was filled with the most delicious tandoori chicken I’ve ever had, green peppers & cilantro and top with some yummy curry mayo! mmMmm, I can still taste the delicious spices! 

And after we finished the lunch crêpe, we moved onto dessert which was a sweet Steve Jobs crêpe with a side of vanilla bean ice cream! The Steve Jobs crêpe featured baked apples with cinnamon & was topped with caramel, powdered sugar and almonds!

They were both sooo delicious & I can’t wait to go back!

If you’re ever in Georgetown [Washington, DC] definitely stop in for some tantalizing crêpes at Crêpes Amour & also check out their website,!