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Why Black Breastfeeding Week is So Important

Initially, when I stumbled upon Black Breastfeeding Week last year my first thought was “why does it have to Black“— then I read the purpose of the movement and it changed my entire mindset!

Did you know that within the African American community, we have the lowest percentage of nursing mothers and the highest infant mortality rate?

Black Breastfeeding Week 2015
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Stop Using Antiperspirant! 

I haven’t worn deodorant in 3 days. And I don’t smell as bad as I thought I would. No I didn’t forget to put on deodorant I purposefully skipped applying the brand that I had been using until I could find something that wouldn’t slowly poison my body. I’m sure you’ve heard about how antiperspirants have been linked to breast cancer, right?! I just read about it 3 days ago and it was eye-opening.

Why You Need to Stop Using Antiperspirants

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Healthy Alternative to Cow Milk for Baby

Flaxseed milk is a healthier and safe alternative to cow’s milk for babies and toddlers after breastfeeding or beyond 1 year with breastfeeding. Flaxseed milk contains essential fatty acids for human health and calcium, and is free from most food allergens.

We use the unsweetened Karma brand of Flaxseed Milk and I think its way better than Almond Milk!

Sunflower Oil & Oil Pulling

I finally went to the Market and bought a bottle of Sunflower Oil to begin Oil Pulling. I first discovered this method last year on Instagram and I have procrastinating on getting the oil to do so. I was reminded about this method yesterday when Elizabeth Antoinette (who is a very inspirational vegan) posted a tweet about this method and I quickly put it on my to do list.
In a nut shell, oil pulling is a practice done first thing in the morning for about 20 minutes that will thoroughly clean the mouth and remove other toxins and impurities from your body. If you want more information (and you should!) visit to learn about all the amazing benefits. 

So after Bikram yoga yesterday, I went to the market in search of Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil (or you can use Sesame Oil). It was pretty easy to find at the organic market that I went to [MOMs Organic Market] and I also learned Sunflower Oil is great to cook with. So tomorrow I will begin practicing the oil pulling method, which I am really excited about, and I will be sharing my experience soon! 
Have you tried Oil Pulling or are you willing to try it?