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Forgiveness is Happiness

One aspect of my personal mantra for this year is Forgiveness, and let
me tell you; it’s changed my life! For so many year, practically my
entire life, I’ve held grudges or not truly forgiven people that have
hurt me in the past and that definitely takes a toll on your spirit,
happiness, and peace of mind. As much as I’ve tried to fight the notion
that “not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and expecting them
to die”, I faced facts and accepted that to be true. Once I realized that I
needed to let go of the past and truly forgive, not just say it but
live in it too, my life became a millions times better. My spirt is more
calm and I definitely gained a peace of mind. 

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Personal Goals for March

Hello March. How did we get here so quickly?! Well, this is the last month in the 1st quarter of the year, so it’s only right to start it strong and make it count. So far, this year has been going really well, but there is always room for improvement. Personally, I like creating lists (OCD habitat, maybe lol) and what better list than a list of goals?!
These are my 10 goals for the month of March:

Read publications. I have a ton of magazines floating around my room and I just signed up to receive several more (for free) so before they all start coming in, I figured now is a good time to get into reading them.

Record 1 personal video a week. I’ve been neglecting my personal YouTube channel, PiecesOfJojo, and my promise to keep you updated on life as an Entrepreneur for a while now so this month my plan is to at least start posting some videos.

Practice ballet once a week. I’m so excited about ballet. I was apart of dance company as a child and always wanted to pursue it further and now that I’ve found an adult ballet studio, it’s on!

Practice 3 hours of yoga per week. My short term goal (within the next 6 months) is to be proficient in the Asana Yoga beginner positions, at the very least, if not intermediate.

Cardio (Running) via 10K app. Now that the weather is getting a little warmer, outdoor walking/running is more feasible so it’ll be nice to get some fresh air.

No candy. I just organized my receipts from this year so far and I swear almost everyone had a piece of candy on it. Not cool. So I need to put myself on restriction.

5 minutes of meditation per day. I’ve meditated here and there but the goal is consistency.

Read 1 book. Reading is fundamental.

Utilize planner. I’ve had my 2013 Action Planner since January and have used it all of two times. Sad. The dependcy on technology is crazy and when my phone dies I have no idea what’s going on; time to get back to the basics.

Begin money challenge. I’m already doing a personal saving challenge (I’ll share more later) but I also want to participate in the 52-Week savings challenge.

Midnight Thoughts…

As I sip my tea and read my book, I look around and I am happy. Beyond
blessed and grateful for everything today has brought.
This day has been amazing and exactly what I needed. After having a
not so good trip this past weekend, getting sick, and then feeling
unaccomplished in my goals the events that unfolded today were
When I opened my eyes this morning, I was greeted with kiss from my
heart and the Sun. somehow, even then, I felt today was going to be a
good day. Then my gas light came on and when I went to get gas, it had
jumped almost 20 cents in a weekend; thanks American greed.
Admittedly, I allowed myself to worry today…about my finances,
goals, and the enormous task list that seems to be mounting by the
day. But after worrying myself for a short time, I remembered how
pointless it is and decided what will be will be. Literally the moment
after I let go of my worry the blessings came, one after another.
Yesterday, I read “when you want something, all the universe conspires
in helping you to achieve it” and I watched it manifest today.

Motivation in Music

Truth be told, I have not been my usual ambitious, million projects at once, superwomen self in a few months. I have felt quite unmotivated and just down right L-A-Z-Y!

I have tried to chalk it up to “oh, I just need a break” or “I finished undergrad in 3 years and got my degree at 20, leave me alone”…but those are just excuses, and I truly dislike excuses. I had just lost my niche and didn’t really know what to do or how to find it nor did I have the desire to figure it out. So I sat around, just living life as it was handed to me not by what I made out of it. 

But if finally hit me last week and oh may, it was a great feeling! I finally felt energized and enthused that I’d be able to put my passion towards a great venture! And listening to The Roots “How I Got Over” album has be instrumental [pun intended] in keeping me motivated! My two favorite tracks are the above, “The Day” and “Hustla” which is below! Listen to at least these two tracks and tell me you don’t feel motivated to “starting living today” because “if you’re not a hustler, baby you’re a customer”…