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My Latest DIY Threads

I have fallen in love with my Sewing Machine and I swear everything I see a nice outfit I think “I could make that!” And recently I have started to make a few items for myself, with my first creation being a multi-colored skirt for an event in Richmond, VA…

I made this skirt without a pattern and it was definitely a learning experience. I used about a yard and a half of fabric and made the skirt straight with an elastic waist band.

I thought the skirt was cute and I got numerous compliments, but I quickly learned (sadly at the event) that a straight skirt with no slits or asymmetry was hard to walk in. So onto my next project, I decided to make an asymmetric skirt. Unfortunately though, I didnt have enough fabric to achieve that look, so I went with side slits… 
This skirt was a lot easier to walk in and very comfortable! Of course I was excited for my next project and with an event coming up in DC I decided to create an asymmetric dress. 
I made this dress the day of the event and added black lace into the slits for a “dramatic” look and a wider flare. Again, I didn’t use a pattern and it was a learning experience with pinning because at first I had it pinned without the lace showing, smh. But after I figured out my error with quickly became my favorite creation! 
Next up, working with my Sister and her clothing line, Cutwork, we came up with a few Bandeau designs. This was one that I created… 
Although it ended up being a little too small I am working on perfecting these bad boys because they’re super easy to create and would look great in the Fall with a high-waisted skirt & blazer! 

Learning To Sew

A few weeks ago, I attended my very first Sewing Class at a Studio in DC. The class was free and what I was able to take away from it was priceless. 

That is final result of my first ever sewing project using a Sewing Machine; a lined drawstring pouch. In a few hours, I was able to create a lining, a drawstring hole, learn 4 different stitch patterns, and completely finish the bag.

I was so excited about my new-found skills, that I went and ambitiously created a Shoulder Bag. I didn’t use a pattern, just lots of imagination and fabric, LOL. It took me almost all evening, but I create a Camouflage Bag with Black lining inside, a large inside pocket, Zipper Closure, and a Studded Strap. **Big Smile** 
I was so proud of my bag and even more ecstatic that it was functional and I was able to carry my Macbook Air, wallet, phone, and cosmetics in it without it ripping a seam! I’m already looking for fabric for my next project…